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    Building a sustainable brand identity is a complex long-term process. It is not expressed in any one-time action or investment but in strategically planned and regular information about the activity and essence of a specific company. Brand identity is necessary for every business, regardless of the sphere and scale of operation. It means recognition, trust and demand from the audience. A successfully imposed brand identity turns the target audience into an active party that searches for certain products or services on its own, convinced of their high quality. This is exactly what Web Factor creates for its customers – the comfort of organic and motivated customer search.


    Brand identity – Web Factor

    Logo Design    — Web Factor

    A logo is not just a symbol or a name, it is a tool for subliminal offer to the audience. Web Factor creates a recognizable and thematic logo for each of its clients, which makes the brand stand out among the competition.

    Complete set of materials    — Web Factor

    To create a sense of scale and professionalism for a company, you need a complete set of branded promotional materials. Web Factor specialists brand items with excellent quality that every user will be happy to keep.

    Assistance with printing and shipping logistics    — Web Factor

    Web Factor works with some of the leading companies for the production of printed materials of all kinds. We offer preferential conditions for our customers for production and organized delivery and installation if necessary.

    Strategic billboard placements    — Web Factor

    Large-scale advertising campaigns require outdoor advertising in key positions where the messages will be visible to the maximum number of people. Web Factor is a factor in this direction, providing its clients with leading billboard positions for their campaigns.

    Promotional support via alternative advertising channels    — Web Factor

    A complex brand identity requires communication with customers in all possible channels. Web Factor creates a promotion strategy in various media by assisting in advertising in the most appropriate and effective source.

    Brand identity FAQs

    What is brand identity?

    All the things that set a brand apart from its competitors are included in its identity. It is the sustained and growing recognition of the activity and essence of a company that leads to the creation of a loyal group of consumers who actively seek out the products or services.

    Is building a brand identity for small and medium-sized businesses necessary?

    Absolutely! Building a brand identity for small and medium-sized businesses is essential for establishing credibility, standing out from competitors, and fostering customer trust and loyalty.

    Is brand identity limited to printed materials only?

    The brand identity encompasses everything from logos and colours to messaging, imagery, website design, packaging, and even the customer experience, both online and offline.

    Our customers

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    The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Istanbul, Dr. Muhammet Dilber, trusted us to create 3 websites – a rhinoplasty site, a dental clinic site and a site for aesthetic procedures – Dilber esthetician.

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    Brand identity

    How Does Our Process Work?

    With a wealth of knowledge, Web Factor helps its customers reach a wide audience and create a unique brand identity across all media. Using our knowledge, we carefully choose which investments to make in the best instruments to build relationships with our audience, establish our customers as top picks, and build trust.

    1 01


    The analysis regarding the brand identity is extremely important, as it examines in detail the business sphere and the most suitable directions for promotion.

    2 02


    Web Factor makes a working strategy for building a brand identity that is fully aligned with the company’s goal and budget.

    3 03


    Creating promotional video, audio and promotional materials requires developing a unified design that is easily recognizable by the audience.

    4 04

    Marketing Campaign

    To provide a feeling of scale and guarantee thorough coverage across communication platforms, it is necessary to coordinate simultaneous brand promotion campaigns.

    5 05

    Customer service

    Building a strong brand identity requires constant work and the production of marketing materials to maintain visibility over time.

    7 07

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    Building a Unique Brand Identity

    At “Web Factor,” we understand how important brand identity is to the success of businesses. It includes the promises you make to your customers, your company’s basic principles, and the way you present your business to the outside world. Working with us guarantees the creation of a distinctive brand identity that enthrals your target market and distinguishes you from rivals.

    Why Is Brand Identity So Important?

    This is why it’s so important to invest in a strong brand identity:

    • Trust and Loyalty: Consumers are more likely to be loyal and make repeat purchases when they perceive a company to be trustworthy.
    • Competitive Edge: You may carve out a niche and attract people looking for alternatives to conventional offers by having a unique brand identity.
    • Recognition:In a crowded market, a powerful brand makes it simple for clients to identify and remember your company.

    Our Complete Brand Identity Solutions

    Our range of brand identification services at Web Factor consists of:

    1. Strategic branding is the cooperative process of matching branding tactics to your company’s goals, the preferences of your target market, and the dynamics of your competitors.
    2. Creating a distinctive visual identity that includes typography, colour schemes, logo design, and other graphical components is known as visual identity creation.
    3. Development of Brand standards: Putting together detailed standards that specify how your brand should be used consistently in a variety of media situations and media platforms.

    Contact Web Factor for your brand identity needs

    Whether you are a new company looking to create your first brand identity or an established organization looking to rebrand, Web Factor is at your service. Contact us today and let’s get to work on creating a unique and powerful brand identity for your brand.

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