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    29 %

    Users consider the good performance of the website as extremely important regarding the purchase decision.

    77 %

    Users are opening websites from mobile phones.

    An online store with an organized display and an atmosphere that provokes purchases! Similar to physical stores, the most preferred among online platforms are those that look organized, and customers can easily and quickly find the products they are looking for. Recognizable web design, filtering system, high-quality visualization of products, working ERP integrations, payment systems, and courier modules, options for creating an account, quick order or inquiry – all this is mandatory in online stores created by professionals.

    Plus something more! Good developers make good online stores, and the great ones… are easy and mobile.

    Customers undoubtedly prefer to buy from online stores with the simplest and easiest navigation and an excellent mobile version.

    Изработка на онлайн магазин – Web Factor

    Complex solutions    — Web Factor

    Web Factor develops complex and multi-component solutions for online stores and trading platforms. They stand out with strategic web design and high functionality of all sales tools.

    Awesome Web Design    — Web Factor

    The web design of effectively selling online stores is characterized by simple aesthetics, strong suggestion without being intrusive, and a focus on easy and quick selection among a variety of articles and subsequent ordering.

    Sales driven    — Web Factor

    The psychology of sales is among the mandatory knowledge of specialists developing online stores. It is important for both web design and the integration of tools to motivate an order or inquiry.

    ERP and other integrations    — Web Factor

    Behind effective online stores are businesses with excellent management and correctness towards customers. This requires working integrations of ERP and payment systems, as well as additional modules for managing deliveries.

    SEO Structure    — Web Factor

    The effective SEO structure of online stores is quite different from that of other websites. It requires specific tools and information sections with a specific purpose to generate high traffic and popularity.

    Изработка на онлайн магазин – ЧЗВ

    How can I generate more sales in my online store?

    The sales strategy of every online store is a complex of tools and adequate web design that provokes interest and the desire to purchase.

    Do I need support for my online store?

    Online stores are among the most complex operating online platforms in the digital space.

    Is the online store more effective than a regular website with product presentation?

    Online stores have reduced the process of selecting and purchasing a given product to a few minutes.

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    Изработка на онлайн магазин

    Как работим?

    All online stores created by Web Factor are made with a high level of professionalism by specialists with the necessary qualifications.

    1 01

    Analysis and planning

    The specialists at Web Factor conduct detailed preliminary studies of the specific industry and the behavior of the target group of potential clients.

    2 02


    The creation of an online store by Web Factor includes the use of the latest generation technologies and tools that guarantee smooth operation and excellent results.

    3 03


    Testing is carried out on all individual systems and functions of the online stores, as well as on the overall smooth functioning.

    4 04


    After the explicit approval by the owner of the online store, the team launches the effective operation of the project.

    5 05

    Maintenance and optimization

    The smooth functioning in the long term is guaranteed by constant actions for maintenance and optimization by the specialists of Web Factor.

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