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    In actuality, the most direct path to gaining the interest and loyalty of potential customers is by using digital marketing. It possesses the special ability to infiltrate users’ daily lives who have turned social networks into their favourite spots to shop, escape tedious job tasks, and make a second home. This implies that the company can contact them there at any time of day. The campaign is created, developed, and managed by experts who understand the importance of audience influence since there is no such thing as a second impression.

    Digital marketing – Web Factor

    SEO + generation of unique content    — Web Factor

    100’s of original informative content from Web Factor cares to make companies’ digital presence stand thanks to specialists who know audience preferences and social network algorithms.

    Social Networks    — Web Factor

    Developed profiles with a large number of loyal followers are like social media selling machines. They must be developed by specialists with effective strategies and creative thinking that will create ongoing interest among users.

    Generating and implementing successful ideas    — Web Factor

    For a business to be noticed on social networks, a creative approach is needed, which generates activities motivating users to be active and prefer this particular product or service.

    Drone Photography and more options    — Web Factor

    Drone photography creates materials that can subsequently be turned into extremely interesting, credible and competitive advertising posts on a website or social networks.

    Google Adwords / PPG    — Web Factor

    Google Adwords is among the most effective paid advertising and promotion tools on the Internet. It is a complex tool with a variable algorithm that Web Factor specialists effectively use to achieve maximum popularity of a particular company.

    Digital marketing FAQs

    Do the social media profiles and the website have a connection?

    Yes, even though they are two different digital presence tools, they work together effectively both for specific posts and for gathering data about a target audience.

    Which is more effective, Facebook or Instagram?

    The two social networks are not actually in competition, as over time their purpose and audience have been completely differentiated.

    Is it difficult to manage Google AdWords?

    Managing Google tools is becoming increasingly complex and volatile. It takes a really good knowledge of the rules and restrictions to make adjustments that lead to a good result.

    Contact Us - Digital Marketing - Web Factor

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    The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Istanbul, Dr. Muhammet Dilber, trusted us to create 3 websites – a rhinoplasty site, a dental clinic site and a site for aesthetic procedures – Dilber esthetician.

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    Digital Marketing

    How Does Our Process Work?

    Web Factor implements complex digital marketing with full coverage and regular analysis of results. Our specialists work effectively with all business tools of Google, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. With proper targeting and budgeting, each post can be seen by tens of thousands of potential customers. We support social profiles and pages with regular posting of creative and original content. Web Factor performs constant analyses of the achieved coverage, thanks to the data it receives from social networks. This helps with customer awareness and timely response in need of a change in strategy.

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    Analyzing your company’s speciality in-depth and understanding your competitors’ online presence on social media and other digital platforms are the first steps in effective digital marketing.

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    Create profiles

    For optimal exposure and interaction with your target audience, Web Factor specializes in building and optimizing profiles and pages on every relevant social media network and Google tool.

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    Creative content

    Our team is dedicated to creating original and captivating content for your social media platforms to increase user engagement and build a vibrant online community around your company.

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    Effective campaigns

    We believe that to keep users interested and stay at the top of their minds in the middle of a flood of competing material, continuous success in the digital environment needs constant work and clever campaigns. For this reason, we offer ongoing help and direction to make sure your company stays significant and relevant in the always-changing digital environment.

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    Being present in the digital space requires persistence. otherwise, the most successful business will be quickly forgotten by users overwhelmed with other offers.

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    Digital Marketing – Supporting your business in the digital world

    At Web Factor, we offer a full range of digital marketing services that can help your business grow, increase visibility and attract more customers. In our digitally driven world, effective digital marketing strategies are fundamental to the success of any business.

    Why is digital marketing important?

    Digital marketing is vital to modern businesses for the following reasons:

    • Reach: Digital marketing allows you to reach large audiences across many different demographics.
    • Targeting: With digital marketing, you can direct your marketing efforts to specific groups of users based on demographics, interests, and behaviours.
    • Traceability: Digital marketing provides tools and methods to track and analyze the results of your marketing campaigns.

    What does our digital marketing service include?

    Our digital marketing services include:

    1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): We improve your site’s visibility in search engine results to attract more organic traffic.
    2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing): We use paid search engine advertising to increase the visibility of your business and attract targeted customers.
    3. Social Media Marketing: We use social media to increase your brand awareness, generate new leads and improve customer relationships.

    Contact Web Factor for your digital marketing needs

    Contact Web Factor today to discuss how we can help your business grow through effective digital marketing strategies. Whether you already have an established online presence or are just getting started, our experienced team is ready to help.

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